Rainy Day Crush

band_stairs_smile_reduced_3MBRainy Day Crush is an Indie Pop Rock band that has just released a sophomore EP entitled “Calamity!” They are too catchy to be indie, and too honest to be pop, but they will crush your rainy days!

The Band played and released their debut EP,  on January 15 with an EP Release Party at the legendary Shank Hall in Milwaukee, WI.

A full-length album is in the works for later in 2016, along with regional shows and short tour, mixed by Nick Radovanovic.

Members: Betsy Ade (vox) Matt Specht (piano, guitar, vox) Mike Wynn, Jr. (drums, vox) Derek Schattl (bass)


Calamity! is a 5-track EP that is great for those mornings when you’re just waking up and you want to sit down with a cup of coffee and stare out of the window at the freshly fallen snow.  It’s a great wintery sounding album with a hint of spring towards the end. It’s peaceful yet it pulls at you from somewhere deep within. It is a musical diary!

There’s something so deep and soulful in the plaintive  arrangements on this recording.

It’s too catchy to be indie, and too honest to be pop, but it will crush your rainy days!


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