Jonathan Burkett


Miramar, FL artist, Jonathan Burkett AKA John Blake, is a Songwriter, Recording Artist, Author, Motivator, Poet, and Entrepreneur. In the wake of trials and adversity, he has found motivation through faith and continues to pursue his challenge to the current state of both the indie circuit and commercial mega brands. He has just dropped his latest project – the single entitled,  Featuring Jae Mazor, Produced by Troyton Rami.

First of all “Taking Numbers” is such a classic and timeless track. The music lifts the spirits of anyone who is listening. It is one of those hip-hop songs smothered in a smooth, almost neo-soul packaging, that you could listen to over and over again.  It is obvious that Jonathan Burkett has created a track that is mellow, heartfelt, sexy and beautiful. Jonathan Burkett has rescued us from the “typical, ordinary, predictable, average, run of the mill, garden variety” rappers. He got a style that should not be compared to anyone.

Jonathan Burkett flows on his own terms and puts out music that means something and makes you feel something too. His choice of features “Jae Mazor” also surprise and delight.

Man, This Guy sets his music at such a high standard thanks to an amazing producer : “Troyton Rami”. He knows exactly what it takes to keep indie on a level with Major releases and the result is, that just about everything about the single “Taking Numbers” is good. Anytime you want to mellow out, chill, get your groove on or just listen to some really good music, this is the choice!