Jason Rylan

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Jason Rylan – “Help Is On The Way”

Beside the very creative arrangement and the fresh style of the music (which relies heavily on both acoustic and electric guitar sounds), one aspect of the music that we enjoied is what we perceive to be the interplay between the electric rock sounds with the more folk acoustic sounds.
The blend and beat of the music is done flawlessly. The eruption of this amazing sound is perfect, yet simple and beautiful at the same time. It seems like a far statement to say, but if you heard the track, you would probably agree. The music in “Help Is On The Way”, which starts with an amazing atmosphere and perfect combination between a beautiful voice and a perfect guitar sounds.. wow!
His music is so exciting, and his voice is able to capture the listener’s attention from the first note.
This song is a roller coaster that runs through the brain and heart reaching to satisfy every sense.

Las Vegas based Jason Rylan’s musical history began long before he can recall. “My Parents were musicians and they’d jam in the garage when I was a newborn,” explains Rylan. “They didn’t have a baby monitor, so they hung a mic above my crib when they practiced and I naturally began chiming in.”

The positive aspects behind Rylan’s music are relevant now more than ever. After overcoming several of life’s setbacks, Jason is more than qualified to speak on the transformative power of positive music. “I am living proof that we can move beyond our insecurities and lead a fulfilling life as our true selves” he reflects. This laissez-faire attitude towards life can be felt in The Charm’s carefree, dance floor centric songs that promote a feel good listening experience.

“Music is the soundtrack of the world” Jason asserts. “It can inspire healing, mood, action and is tremendously important as a spiritual outlet.”

Jason isn’t afraid to take a gamble with his music in Vegas, and with his positive musings, he usually wins big. Living in “Sin City.” Rylan relies on a higher power for inspiration and is perfectly happy as long as there is a mic in his hand. After all, for Jason Rylan, that microphone has been there – all the way from the cradle to the rave.