Emblem3’s Wes Stromberg Gives Viewers A Behind-The-Scenes Look Into ‘The Patch’ House

Emblem3‘s claim to fame came in 2012 when the group auditioned for season 2 of The X Factor U.S. Although the trio came in fourth place, right behind Fifth Harmony, they went on to sign with Simon Cowell’s imprint SYCO and released their 2013 debut LP Nothing To Lose, which hit No. 7 on the Billboard 200.

In just three years, Emblem3 have released Songs From The Couch: Vol 1 — the follow-up to Nothing to Lose and an EP, Forever Together. They toured and then took a “hiatus” before reuniting. Now, the members are gearing up to release their own projects with singer Wesley Stromberg embarking on his solo tour starting in November.

The group has toured all over America and they’re the latest artists to take residence in The Patch House — courtesy of Sour Patch Kids candy.The Patch House has two locations, one in Brooklyn, NY and the other in Los Angeles, CA. The home affords touring artists the opportunity to live comfortably while on tour and apart from basic home amenities, the pad comes equipped with a recording studio for artists to utilize during their stay.

“In here, you can cut actual quality music and release it simultaneously while touring”, Wes tells Billboard while touring the home. Artists have access to the full home and can even cook in a kitchen that comes with a fully stocked fridge. Emblem3 enjoys crashing at the pad because they gets to do his laundry more frequently compared to constantly being on the road. The home is large enough to host the trio’s entire crew, providing their team with private rooms to “clear their mind”.

“This is totally a life of luxury, it really makes you feel really grateful that you could stay somewhere like this”, the singer offers. “It’s not everyday that you could stay some place like this.”


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