Paramore’s Debut Album Is Getting Reissued on Vinyl With Bonus Tracks

The album first came out July 26, 2005 on Fueled by Ramen.

While #Parawhores wait for Paramore to drop news about their fifth studio album, here’s something to hold them over — or at least 4,000 of them.

Paramore is reissuing its 2005 debut album, All We Know Is Falling, on vinyl. The 10-year-anniversary special edition drops Dec. 4, according to a Facebook post the band shared Nov. 11:

The 10th Anniversary Edition of All We Know Is Falling is coming December 4th. Take a look at the Fueled By Ramen Holiday Gift Guide at to see what other items are coming this holiday!

Posted by Paramore on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The original 10 songs will be joined by two additional tracks — “O Star” and “This Circle” — which first appeared on The Summer Tic EP, sold on the 2006 Warped Tour. The LP is limited to 4,000 copies and comes on white vinyl, splattered with red, green, and blue.

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Paramore sent the teenaged band rocketing in popularity within the pop-punk circuit and set up the mainstream success of its 2007 follow-up, Riot. It’s highlighted by “Pressure” — which the band still often plays in concert — along with “Emergency” and “Never Let This Go.” And check out closer “My Heart” for some unexpected, very 2005-era screaming.

So what do you say, Paramore: New music in time for the 2016 Parahoy! Cruise?

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